Rita Ora naked on the cover of Clash magazine.

The renowned singer appeared on the cover of the English magazine "Clash" and was encouraged to do a daring production of photos that went viral.

Celebrities shocked the world every time they post very exposed photos. Kim Kardashian used the success of that strategy to promote the launch of her new fragrances "Kimoji Vibes" and was a bestseller. In a few seconds he had more than 3 million likes and reached almost four million euros in just five minutes.

His sisters are also known for their exhibitionism, in fact Kendall Jenner set fire to the networks days ago promoting shoes. Yes, as we tell you. In underwear and roadway.

Another of the famous that usually publishes nudes is Emily Ratajkowski. The sexy brunette is not afraid to show her body and knows that it helped her climb the ladder of fame faster.

Following that logic, the British magazine "Clash", made a photo shoot of Rita Ora that caused a furore on social networks.

To celebrate the success of one of the most listened to artists in the world, the medium decided to make it the cover of its autumn edition. There Rita appears with wet hair and no clothes! (wearing only gloves as clothing). Obviously he appears in a pose that allows him to cover his private parts.

The goddess shared the cover on her Instagram account and harvested over 400 million hearts. There he thanked the team in the middle and wrote: "They made me feel comfortable with myself and free. It was very liberating."