Madona purposefully shows a nipple in Istambul concert

Madonna showing her breastThe Pop Queen Madonna showed her breast to over 55 thousand people gathered at a concert he gave in Istanbul as part of his tour "MDNA".

The incident occurred while the singer played the theme that gave success in 1995 "Human nature", during which first took off in a white jacket, and later removed an attachment of his suit black.
Then, the singer flirts with the left strap of her bra to instantly uncover a few seconds left breast, causing the euphoria of his followers.

While the singer was with the interpretation of the theme, also showed in his back that read "No fear" and then undo the left side of his pants, revealing a part of her underwear.

The singer, actress and director has recently made ​​efforts to cause controversy in MDNA tour, infuriating as the French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, during his concert in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she performed the song "Nobody Knows me" and one of the big screens showed Le Pen with a swastika on his forehead.

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