Emily Ratajkowski goes crazy with her naked selfies

British-American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski amazed her Instagram followers by posting two sexy selfies in her account.

In one of the shared images, Ratajkowski, 27, appears lying in bed. To avoid being blocked by Instagram, which does not allow nudity, the model pixelled the nipple before publishing the photo.

The suggestive image has accumulated more than 1.2 million 'likes' in just two days.

Another photo shows the actress posing in front of a mirror dressed in black underpants and a white crop top that barely covers her voluptuous breasts and leaves little to the imagination.

The well-known model tends to please her fans by taking part in sensual photo and video sessions.

Katy Perry denies Kesha and denies having been raped by music producer Dr. Luke

The singer of "I Kissed a Girl" testified before the court about the case involving the singer Kesha

singer Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry denied having been sexually raped by music producer Dr. Luke, accused by singer Kesha of sexual abuse and physical violence.

In statements obtained by the American press, in the framework of the legal battle between Dr. Luke and Kesha, the interpreter of "I Kissed a Girl" denied her colleague.

Katy Perry

Kesha, in a message sent to Lady Gaga in 2006, had said that Lukas Gottwald (real name of the producer) had raped another singer, in addition to her. All signs indicated that it was Katy Perry, since Dr. Luke produced three of his records.

Perry's statement transcends today, and is limited to a series of questions between her and a lawyer, denying the comments made by Kesha:

- Did you rape Dr. Luke?
-Do not.
- Did Dr. Luke ever sexually assault you?
-Absolutely not.
- Have you ever sat down to have sex?
-Do not.
- Did you have any sexual relationship with Dr. Luke, in any way?
-Do not.
-And a romantic relationship?
-Do not.

sexy Katy Perry

Lady Gaga's statement, given on September 12, 2017, was also partially revealed on Monday and includes the version of the "Poker Face" interpreter on how she heard for the first time the accusation that Dr. Luke had raped Perry.

In her statement, Lady Gaga says she heard the rumor of John Janick, CEO of Interscope Records.

Katy Perry also said in her statement that she never told Janick that Dr. Luke had raped her, adding that she barely knew the CEO of Interscope and that she "could not tell him from the crowd."