Rita Ora naked on the cover of Clash magazine.

The renowned singer appeared on the cover of the English magazine "Clash" and was encouraged to do a daring production of photos that went viral.

Celebrities shocked the world every time they post very exposed photos. Kim Kardashian used the success of that strategy to promote the launch of her new fragrances "Kimoji Vibes" and was a bestseller. In a few seconds he had more than 3 million likes and reached almost four million euros in just five minutes.

His sisters are also known for their exhibitionism, in fact Kendall Jenner set fire to the networks days ago promoting shoes. Yes, as we tell you. In underwear and roadway.

Another of the famous that usually publishes nudes is Emily Ratajkowski. The sexy brunette is not afraid to show her body and knows that it helped her climb the ladder of fame faster.

Following that logic, the British magazine "Clash", made a photo shoot of Rita Ora that caused a furore on social networks.

To celebrate the success of one of the most listened to artists in the world, the medium decided to make it the cover of its autumn edition. There Rita appears with wet hair and no clothes! (wearing only gloves as clothing). Obviously he appears in a pose that allows him to cover his private parts.

The goddess shared the cover on her Instagram account and harvested over 400 million hearts. There he thanked the team in the middle and wrote: "They made me feel comfortable with myself and free. It was very liberating."

Emily Ratajkowski goes crazy with her naked selfies

British-American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski amazed her Instagram followers by posting two sexy selfies in her account.

In one of the shared images, Ratajkowski, 27, appears lying in bed. To avoid being blocked by Instagram, which does not allow nudity, the model pixelled the nipple before publishing the photo.

The suggestive image has accumulated more than 1.2 million 'likes' in just two days.

Another photo shows the actress posing in front of a mirror dressed in black underpants and a white crop top that barely covers her voluptuous breasts and leaves little to the imagination.

The well-known model tends to please her fans by taking part in sensual photo and video sessions.

Katy Perry denies Kesha and denies having been raped by music producer Dr. Luke

The singer of "I Kissed a Girl" testified before the court about the case involving the singer Kesha

singer Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry denied having been sexually raped by music producer Dr. Luke, accused by singer Kesha of sexual abuse and physical violence.

In statements obtained by the American press, in the framework of the legal battle between Dr. Luke and Kesha, the interpreter of "I Kissed a Girl" denied her colleague.

Katy Perry

Kesha, in a message sent to Lady Gaga in 2006, had said that Lukas Gottwald (real name of the producer) had raped another singer, in addition to her. All signs indicated that it was Katy Perry, since Dr. Luke produced three of his records.

Perry's statement transcends today, and is limited to a series of questions between her and a lawyer, denying the comments made by Kesha:

- Did you rape Dr. Luke?
-Do not.
- Did Dr. Luke ever sexually assault you?
-Absolutely not.
- Have you ever sat down to have sex?
-Do not.
- Did you have any sexual relationship with Dr. Luke, in any way?
-Do not.
-And a romantic relationship?
-Do not.

sexy Katy Perry

Lady Gaga's statement, given on September 12, 2017, was also partially revealed on Monday and includes the version of the "Poker Face" interpreter on how she heard for the first time the accusation that Dr. Luke had raped Perry.

In her statement, Lady Gaga says she heard the rumor of John Janick, CEO of Interscope Records.

Katy Perry also said in her statement that she never told Janick that Dr. Luke had raped her, adding that she barely knew the CEO of Interscope and that she "could not tell him from the crowd."

Kate Upton is the sexiest woman of 2018

 Kate Upton is the sexiest woman of 2018
The model was chosen by Maxim magazine as the number one in the world in the 'Hot 100', accompanied by the 100 most sensual women linked to the world of entertainment.

Breaking down once again with all the stereotypes, American supermodel and actress Kate Upton was chosen by Maxim magazine as "the sexiest woman of 2018".

 Kate Upton is the sexiest woman of 2018

The magazine annually makes a list, called "Hot 100", which includes the 100 most sensual women linked to the world of entertainment. Figures such as Jessica Alba, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Kylie and Kendall Jenner have led this ranking in previous years.

Hot  Kate Upton is the sexiest woman of 2018

The magazine published some photos of the 25-year-old actress during a special session taken in Israel. "I work very hard in myself: In feeling good, in exercising, in being strong. Being number one in the Hot 100 is a small reward", she said.

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 49th birthday in a bikini and without makeup

Jennifer Lopez wearing a little bikini
Jennifer Lopez turned 49 this year and celebrated it as a family on the paradisiacal beaches of the Bahamas. In her Instagram account, the singer born in the Bronx was happy with her children and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, a former New York Yankees player.

Accompanied by her children, family and partner, JLo taught her millions of followers in social networks that continues to be spectacular despite the passage of time.

Teaching her spectacular figure in a bikini and without makeup, the interpreter of Puerto Rican origin celebrated with champagne the arrival of her last year before turning half a century old.

Jennifer and Alex are together since the beginning of 2017.

Jennifer Lopez in bikini

The daughters of A-Rod, Natasha and Ella, are the result of his relationship with his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis, which lasted from 2002 to 2008. Meanwhile, the diva has been married three times in the past and has the twins, Max and Emme, product of his marriage with Marc Anthony salsero, with whom today he keeps a great friendship.
Sexy Jennifer Lopez
A way to start the festivities for another year of life, a few hours ago JLo uploaded to his networks this sexy image in which few hours add more than 3 million likes.

Scarlett Johansson abandons her transsexual role in a movie

One of the most coveted actresses is Scarlett Johansson but after the strong criticism she received after knowing that she would star in the movie Rub & Tug, by director Rupert Sanders, where she would put herself in the shoes of a transsexual, the actress has decided to give up this project. It was foreseen that Scarlett Johansson would put herself in the shoes of Jean Marie Gill, a woman who posed as a man and who ran a network of massage salons and prostitution in Pittsburgh (United States) that led her to confront both the authorities like the city mafia in the eighties. 

But many fans immediately fell on top of the actress for giving life to a transsexual character and the critics came to the ears of the American actress, since she does not have social networks, and in a statement she announced her retirement from the film Rub and Tug. "In light of the recent ethical questions raised around my casting as Dante 'Tex' Gill - the main character in the story - I have decided to respectfully withdraw from the project," according to the magazine Out.

The famous actress went on to explain his reasons: "Our cultural understanding of transgender people continues to advance, and I have learned a lot from the community since I made my first statement about my casting and I realized that I was insensitive. I have great admiration and love for the trans community and I am grateful that the dialogue on inclusion in Hollywood continues, "he added.

Despite making this decision, Johansson says he would have liked to get involved in this story based on real events and be able to put himself in the role of the protagonist, however he understands "why many feel that I should be portrayed by a transgender person, and I'm grateful that this debate, although controversial, has triggered a broader dialogue on diversity and representation in cinema, "she said.

The anger on the part of the activists and members of the trans community in their social networks was because Scarlett Johanssen is a cisgender actress, that is, people whose gender identity coincides with the sex assigned at birth and would play the role of a transgender man. This debate was born as a complaint for the lack of opportunities for transgender artists in Hollywood, as denounced by actress Trace Lysette, known for her appearance in the Transparent series. Meanwhile, the transgender American actress, Jamie Claytones, known for playing Nomi Marks in the series Sense8 on Netflix gave her opinion on her Twitter account and said: "The actors who are trans never get a hearing for anything other than are not trans characters roles. That's the real problem.

Russian fan "sexiest of the World" belies to be an adult films actress

Natalya Nemchinova became viral after attending Russia and Egypt and has denied that she is a pornstar as she has been assured.

Natalya Nemchinova has been named the "sexiest Russian fan of the World" after being caught encouraging her team during the match between Russia and Egypt and their images caused a sensation around the world and became viral.

Internet users, captivated by their beauty, quickly began to investigate their identity and a few days ago, the British newspaper The Sun published the conclusion they had reached.

According to her information, thanks to her fan ID they discovered that Natalya Nemchinova is an adult film actress who has appeared in several films "under pseudonyms such as Natali Nemtchinova, Natalia Andreeva, Delilah G, Danica, Amanda, Asya and Annabell".

"The websites for adults describe her as an uninhibited model and a swinger party star who has participated in photo sessions and in soft films and hardore since her debut at the X cinema in 2016," the Sun added, adding that On the sidelines of this occupation, Miss Moscow was crowned in 2007 and she is a lover of football as she was also photographed cheering for the Russian national team during Euro 2016.

Natalya Nemchinova denies that she is an adult movies actress

The fact that Natalya Nemchinova was dedicated to the adult film industry has had almost as much repercussion as the photographs that made her known. However, she herself has denied it in an interview for NY Post in which she has clarified the reason for the confusion and has made it clear that she has taken a great dislike.

"In fact, this is all about an old story, five years ago I had a relationship with a young guy, when we broke up, he came back to me, he posted a home video on the internet and that's how it started, I've never worked as a porn actress, I've never sold My body for money, I was a model for a while but it was a hobby, not a stable job. "

"All this left me in shock, I even cried, I am lucky that there are people who support me and know who I am," said Natalya Nemchinova.

In addition, "the sexiest Russian fan of the World" has also ensured that this will not stop him from continuing to support his team during the World Cup and has explained how he became a true fanatic.

"I became a superfan after Euro 2012, I was in Poland and it was my first trip as a supporter, I really support my team, I was in Poland, in Brazil (in the 2014 World Cup) and in the 2016 European Championship. "added Nemchinova.

Miles Teller, the protégé of Tom Cruise in the sequel to 'Top Gun'

The actor in the series 'Divergent' and 'Whiplash' will play the son of Nick 'Goose' Bradshaw, character of Anthony Edwards, in the long awaited film 'Maverick' to be released on July 12, 2019

Actor Miles Teller will play Nick's son 'Goose' Bradshaw in Maverick, the sequel to Top Gun, where Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer will once again play their mythical characters from the original film.

The actor of the Divergent saga will once again be placed under the orders of Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy), with whom he worked in Heroes in Hell in 2017.

According to information published by The Hollywood Reporter, the protagonist of Whiplash has managed to get the coveted role, ahead of other actors such as Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury on the road) and Glen Powell (Scream Queens).

Prequel to 'The Sopranos' will be directed by Alan Taylor

Thus, it will interpret to the son of the best friend of Maverick, to that gave life Anthony Edwards (Urgencies) in the original film.

It has not yet transcended the importance that the role of Teller will have in the film. However, they have confirmed that he will be the protege of Maverick (Cruise), who feels guilty for the death of his friend in the original film.

Guy Pearce says that Kevin Spacey was a 'long hand'

Kosinski takes the witness of the deceased Tony Scott, director of the original film. Cruise already worked under the filmmaker's orders during the filming of the science fiction film Oblivion in 2013.

Peter Craig (The Hunger Games) and Justin Marks (The Jungle Book) are the scriptwriters of the film.

McCartney asks the EP to support law on copyright

The film comes 32 years after the premiere of the first installment and will be set at present.

The sequel will be centered on Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell, played by Cruise, and a group of pilots who must use all their flying skills to deal with the new drone technology.

The film will arrive in cinemas on July 12, 2019.

Penelope Cruz naked

Penelope Cruz revealed that, in her first audition in Hollywood, they wanted to force her to pose nude.

The career of Penelope Cruz and her arrival in Hollywood was not easy. The Spanish actress, who for several years has worked assiduously in both Europe and the United States, revealed a bitter experience she had to go through when trying to set foot in American cinema. The protagonist of Everything about my mother revealed how they tried to force her to film nudes in a script that, a priori, had no scheduled scenes of that type.

When she was 21 years old, she gets the chance to join a project in Hollywood for a script she considered "fabulous". After studying English for four months with the aim of managing the language and provide a dignified casting test, the Madrid native set out to travel to Hollywood to fulfill her goal: "When she arrived there, still with jet lag, they told me: We have to see you In our offices, they wanted to add something to my contract, then they tell me: If you want to do the test, you must accept that there will be some nude scenes that are not included in the script.

Totally furious in the face of that obvious manipulation, Cruz exploded: "I told them: Why did not they tell me 24 hours before I got on the plane?" Even though I had already made films with nudity at that moment, I did not want to spend For the same reason, I felt that, at least for a couple of years, I was going to deny what I felt my heart telling me not to. "

The actress said that although she refused to take an eventual nude because it was not what had been scheduled, she wanted to do the test: "The director (whom he refused to name) stopped talking to me and left the room, he was furious. I called the heads of the study, I did not speak English at that time, but at that meeting I started doing it, I told them: If you think you can treat people like that, it will not work for me, I have a family that loves me, So I'm going to get on the plane again, and I do not care if I do not make your film, but you know what, what I'm going to do is test it, and they looked at me like I was insane. "

For the actress, that moment was a turning point in her career: "I can now say, at 44, that this was one of the moments I felt most proud of myself." At that point I felt that the day in which he died, he would remember that instance (.) I remember that the feeling was very special for me, it made me stronger, and I think that from that, there were a lot of yeses that came to my life.